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Most folks using WordPress are neither web designers nor programmers. As a matter of fact, most people start using WordPress without any prior knowledge of designing websites.

The best website in the world won’t be a success if it doesn’t get any traffic or visitors.


WordPress is developed with security in mind, and it is a very safe and secure platform to run a website.

WordPress in its purest form, in the hands of a professional, can be a thing of pure beauty.

Why WordPress, really?

WordPress in the hands of a professional in the hands of a professionalcan be a pure beauty.

It comes with a simple dashboard with different menu options listed in the sidebar. You can easily create posts and pages, customize your website design, add navigation menus, and more.


Despite being the most flexible and powerful platform, WordPress is quite easy to use for beginners.

Adobe After Effect

What Can Dude DoWith Adobe After Effects?

With Adobe After Effects Dude can create, composite, and stylize 2D footage layers in 3D space. Adobe After Effects serves a different role depending on the users needs. For example, an indie VFX artist might only use After Effects for compositing 3D rendered footage.

A video editor might use After Effects more for title design, and an animator might use it for creating 2D cartoon characters. The reason why so many people have trouble defining what After Effects does is simply due to the fact that it does so many things — and does them well.

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VIDEOS by WebDude